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NWICA Program Updates

Resource Connections:
* We have made a decision to staff the front reception position with a specialized Resource Connection staff. It has become even clearer during this pandemic that having an individual with a thorough knowledge of all programs and services is invaluable. We could not have functioned as efficiently through this time without the expertise of Christine Polonczyk and her dedication under these challenging circumstances. We are excited that she has agreed to continue to provide this expertise in this area.

Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC)
* This team with significant assistance from the HCBS Supervisory team, 89 referrals have been received, 60 assessments completed with 12 confirmed service plans for a community project to assist a partner with transitioning of individuals to the A&D Assisted Living Waiver.

Home & Community Based Services (HCBS)
* There are currently 4 staff being trained and we are looking at expanding staff capacity by 3 FTE Care Managers.

Energy Assistance
* EAP has currently served 12,172 individuals with EAP benefits and is still in the process of processing approximately 400 application which have incomplete information at this time. The team is working hard to get these completed by the end of August when the season closes.

* The EAP program also had a successful program monitoring this year with a 94% accuracy rate versus the State average of 86%.
* The new season will start in November and in the meantime individuals will have the option to set-up 12 month payments plans with utility providers such as NIPSCO.

Housing Services
* The Newton County HCVP wait list opened which resulted in 337 individuals signing up for housing services in this county.

Family Development
* We are close to having the staff and processes in place to implement the CSBG CARES Act Emergency funding assistance. This assistance will provide up to $3,000.00 one-time assistance to meet needs such as deposit, food, transportation and other needs identified through the Family Development process. This is not cash assistance ad no benefit will be provided directly to the individual.

* Is working on finalizing a safety protocol that will allow weatherization production to begin in homes with at-risk populations. At-risk individuals are a large portion of who we serve so not providing these services has been challenging.

* The staff continue to work remotely and will do so at least through September 30th which is when the waiver expires. There is a possibility the waiver may be extended but if it is not, we are prepared with the appropriate PPE and safety protocols in place for each clinic.

* A great program outcome as a result of this remote environment is that caseload has increased from 15,500 to 18,000.

* A HUGE SHOUT OUT to the WIC Breastfeeding team who has been awarded the Loving Support Gold Breastfeeding Awareness Award. They are also working hard to recognize World Breastfeeding month in August including increased activities for Black Breastfeeding Week also during the month of August.

Nutrition Services:
* Congregate Nutrition sites remain closed for in-house dining but most providers are providing curbside pick-up and we are also still providing frozen home delivered meals to eligible individuals. We are also providing 5 day shelf-stable meal boxes. We recently heard this was extremely beneficial due the recent storms and the power outages.

Senior Corps Programs
* We are ready to hire for the open program positions and are excited to continue to provide program education and get the program up and running.

Financial Services
* Happy to announce that we received the 2020 IDA grant and we have almost filled the 2019 IDA slots. Excited to continue to assist individual purchase a home, go back to school or start a business through this matched savings program.

* The VITA program is continuing to complete tax returns and will do so through October of this year and then will begin the new season in 2021.
Quality Services

* We are excited to announce that in efforts to increase communication and coordination between NWICA and our service providers, a Provider Committee will soon begin meeting.

* This team continues to deliver COVID-19 education bags that also include some activities to decrease the feeling of social isolation.

* Virtual outreach continues including virtual enhanced fitness classes on Tuesday and Thursday of each week.

* We are proud to announce that the 2019 fiscal independent audit has been completed and there were zero fiscal or program findings.

NWICA is a candidate for The NWI Times 'Best of the Region 2015' in the Living Category for Best Place to Volunteer!

Volunteers play an important part in many services NWICA provides. As a not-for-profit corporation, NWICA relies on volunteers to keep services running efficiently and we work hard to ensure a culture of excellence where weinvest the highest possible percentage of every dollar into direct benefits for the people we serve. 

Our largest group of volunteers is part of our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VIITA) program. Without our VITA volunteers, the tremendous effort that brings over $1.7 million each year into the homes of low-income families and the local economy would not be possible. This income boost helps families afford winter coats, pay utility bills and even save for homeownership.

The Preventative Health, Wellness and Nutrition Programs administered by NWICA also rely on volunteers' time and talent. Contact our Human Resources Department to find out more!