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Strategic Plan Updates: Some Goals are postponed while others are on target or completed..

For example, one tactic for the goal of "Individuals and families in Northwest Indiana are stable and achieve economic security" is to "Offer workshops/events about skills for trade jobs" this tactic was not possible early in the pandemic and ermains difficult in a remote environment so the goal was postponed.

However, when it comes to the Strategy "improve the health of communities" NWICA has changed but achieved its tactics specifically due to teh pandemic by establishing a pantry and delivery system, employing various efforts to reduce social isolation, and engaging l,on a local level to create food stability.

The Plan as it stands has a number of 2021 objectives that it will keep and report on:

1) Assist individuals and families with employment related services.

2) Assist individuals and families with skill development and asset development.

3) Facilitate access to needed services and resources.

4) Facilitate the development of economic opportunities.

5) Improve community opportunities for health, social, and cognitive development.

6) Facilitate opportunities for community involvement.

7) Involve marginalized and vulnerable populations in civic activities

8) Diversify revenue sources

9) Communicate and involve staff in economic stability activities

10) organization’s culture communicates respect and care for employee well-being

11) Employee benefits support health, social, and cognitive development

12) Employees have opportunities for civic engagement and community involvement.

13) The community has opportunities for engagement with the organization.

Do you have ideas to share on these objectives? Feel free to reach out to a VP to speak about tactics, objectives, strategies, and where you fit.


HR Corner
The Pandemic – NWICA requires masks in the office when within 6 feet of one another and we ask that you continue to social distance and disinfect. NWICA strongly encourages each staff member to get the vaccine. Let’s get rid of this virus!

The Wellness Committee is excited to bring 2021 initiatives to you that are focused on promoting your physical, emotional, environmental, financial and social well-being. We are thankful to Cigna/New York Life for providing the funds for the prizes each year. If you haven’t already, consider getting involved in the BINGO activities that are currently going on weekly. Keep an eye out for 5k information – you can run, walk, or roll a 5k of your choosing this spring to get entered into a drawing and the prizes are pretty cool! More details to come on that! The committee is made up of Tracey Dibble, John Hamlin, Tonya Suggs, Maria Trajkov, and Susan Wiersma if you’d ever like to reach out with suggestions or ideas.

We are still hiring and if you have someone you would like to refer, please forward to HR. Current staff are the best advertising we have so thank you in advance!
~Tracey Dibble


Vaccine Project

As of April 15th our Vaccine Team of callers has contacted over 7,000 indiviudal snad successfully registered 835. Great work! This is such an important initiative and your work is helping to make Indiana, and the nation, safe and back to a sense of normalcy.



o All of our programs remain operational but we have had to adapt how we deliver these services. March 2021 was the one-year anniversary of transitioning to our new remote work environment. All of our programs are being operated via telephone visits, virtual visits, electronic submission of applications and documents but also the option to mail individuals applications with drop off boxes and some curbside assistance. With the proper safety protocols in place, we do have staff in the office daily so calls are being answered and mail is being processed. Where we can we have staff working remotely.

o Several of our programs are operating on approved waivers from State and Federal funding sources which allow us to deliver our services using alternative/non-face-to-face methods. We expect these waivers to remain in place for at least a few more months.

o We serve a diverse population throughout our community. We are seeing individuals of all ages who have never needed to access the service or services we provide and are now needing these services as a result of job and income changes but also because of higher costs of some products like cleaning supplies. The increased cost of products has particularly impacted our community members on fixed incomes.

o One of the most critical needs early on was the nutritional needs of our seniors. Our senior centers did close down and currently remain closed. Some of these senior centers provided curbside meal pick-up and for others we transitioned those who were interested to our emergency home delivered meal program. This program remains a large program and we are pleased we are able to meet this need.

o For our seniors we have heard feedback of increased isolation and loneliness. To try to address this need, we started a telephone reassurance program to check on our seniors to make sure they were doing ok. Now we have our Senior Companion program that can provide that volunteer or companionship opportunity.

o NWICA is a partner in both the Lake County Emergency Rental Program as well as the State of Indiana Emergency Rental Programs.

o The Energy Assistance Program is expected to end in May, 2021